Hives and Stress

Hives and Stress: Is Stress The Cause Of Your Break outs?

The relationship between hives and stress is the culprit for many hives sufferers. Since the body's chemistry and hormones are affected when we are stressed, chronic stress can cause a chemistry and hormonal imbalance which often develops into skin aggravation (AKA: Hives break outs).

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Hives and StressSome Effects Stress has on the Body:

Stress is simply a way of life for many people due to job, family and personal issues. Of course, there are different forms of stress and some forms of stress are actually beneficial to our daily needs. This "healthy" stress can allow us to perform better and get stuff done when under pressure. It creates a sense of urgency that kicks our minds into overdrive and this in effect, allows peak performance.

When stress becomes a problem is when your body is constantly running in overdrive, a simple analogy of this is to stand up straight in the upright position. Now lean forward just a bit and then quickly straighten up. This is how our mind works on a daily basis; we have short stressful moments and quickly correct them. Now start to lean forward as before yet this time, hold your-self in the leaning position. After a while your body will become stressed to the point of fail. This is what happens when we can't control stress and at this point something has to give.

In most individuals, extreme and constant stress causes the chemistry in the body to change. This change in body chemistry affects hormones as well as blood cells and plasma. The plasma then becomes inflamed and gathers or clusters under the skin. This creates skin irritation and aggravation in the form of hives and itching.

Hives and Stress:  Hives can take Different Forms:

When hives do develop they can form anywhere on the body. The sizes range from very small to bigger blots that can encompass most of the body. They are very itchy and can burn or sting violently. The flare-ups can come and go quite quickly - At lunch time you feel great, by dinner you're flare-ups have started and by the time you're ready for bed they're gone.

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Understanding how and where they form brings us to the different types of hives we know about; the first being: physical hives, the second are ordinary hives.

When physical hives develop, normally it's because of some interaction with the skin like, deep scratching, exercise, sunlight and even excessive heat or extreme cold. Ordinary hives normally pop up at anytime and happen in numerous places on the body. You will never know when this form of hives will flare-up and the break outs can last from a few days to weeks. This type of hives are very difficult to control.

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