What Causes Hives in Adults?

If you are an adult that has experienced the burning and swelling of a hives outbreak you've probably wondered, "What causes hives in adults?" While some adults only experience hives once in awhile, others experience chronic hives which can be reoccurring throughout their lives.

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What Causes Hives In Adults?What causes hives in adults has been under study for years, and unfortunately hives can target everyone in a different way. Some will breakout with mild cases of hives and others more dramatic. Age and health levels also need to be taken into consideration when discussing causes as well.

The health of an adult will vary with each of us. Some are healthier than others. Some of us suffer with other conditions that may have stress on our bodies. Others may have a physical condition that affects the skin in some fashion and in-turn creates constant irritation and skin aggravation.

What Causes Hives in Adults - The Immune System:

What we do know is that hives in adults has a great deal to do with the immune system. Your immune system can be weakened by years of break outs or flare-ups due to disorders related to thyroid disease and even lupus. If you are an adult and have suffered from chronic hives your whole life, you may want to have your blood checked for these issues or other related conditions.

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What Causes Hives in Adults - The Food You Consume:

We also know that the food you eat might be the culprit of an adult hives breakout. Many people react indifferently to foods like shellfish, nuts, chocolate and citrus fruits to name a few. If you have experienced hives right after eating a specific food or beverage, this could be the cause of your hives problems.

What Causes Hives in Adults - Insect Bites:

Insect and spider bites can also cause hives Break outs, especially if you have a weak immune system. Since many insects and spiders can be poisonous or carry disease, it's very important that you get checked out if you body reacts from a bug bite in a negative way. 
What Causes Hives in Adults - Other causes to look into:

Personal situations can also play a large part in adults that are affected by hives. These situations included stressful relationships, anger, pressure and frustration.

Your home may even have problems that you are un-aware of like furniture, cologne, perfumes, deodorants, shaving creams and even tooth paste. These household items have been known to cause allergic reactions which develop into a severe case of hives. 

Hives in adults can also be brought on by poor skin care. This can come in the form of dry or chapped skin, extreme sunlight, body tanning, extreme cold condition plus several others. The care of your body and the health of your skin play an enormous roll in what causes hives in adults.

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